Impostor Syndrome – Don’t Believe the Lie!

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Impostor Syndrome We all have that looming voice in the back of our minds that discounts our achievements and keeps us feeling a lack of confidence/success until we achieve the next milestone. That voice is our inner villain voice and it whispers quietly in our ear creating beliefs to support it’s Rational-LIES. Seriously, why do we do this to ourselves? The answer is easy! We see everyone's life as the highlight reel they choose to convey on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. The glorious life they live and how they are basking in the sweet success that always seems to find them. Then we start to Catastrophize the endless challenges and distractions that seem to pour over us in any given [...]

The Curse of the Bad Hire…

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"I just don't know how to get through to her. It's like we don't even speak the same language!" Sarah was frustrated with her new employee. She needed help and she didn't know which way to turn. "I invested all of this time in her, but she just doesn't get it! I try to explain our culture and the way we do things around here, but she ignores me and does it her own way. Should I get rid of her and start over or should I just keep trying to get through to her? It's so FRUSTRATING!!! I'm at my wits end.... " A BAD HIRE can cripple a small company and be devastating on morale... If Culture [...]

Heroes and Villains of the NBA Finals

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Life comes in waves and sometimes your ready for the next wave and sometimes your still struggling with the last one. That’s why I LOVE the NBA playoffs. I see players unleashing their hero and taming their inner villain and on a nightly basis. I LOVE watching them push their leadership limits and leveraging the strengths of their teammates to WIN the game. Watching others go big or go home is refreshing. Besides giving me a break from my own stresses, I get to watch how others handle their STRESS on the big stage. I’ve always wondered….Why to some players shine while others fade away? Does Lebron James become Michael Jordan and carry the team or does he try and [...]