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Michael’s keynotes are customized to fit your audience and event goals. Possible focus areas include:

  • Sales

  • Customer Service

  • Embracing change

  • Leadership development

  • Team motivation

  • Stress management

  • Life balance

Michael Hahn has a great “stage side manner!”

Michael partners with meeting planners to provide the highest possible engagement with his audience by:

  • Communicating with you in the weeks leading up to your event so he clearly understands your mission
  • Providing resources and tools to make your job easier (see the handy links below)
  • Attending dinners, lunches, networking sessions, and other speaker sessions, so he can weave in your organization’s or association’s language.
  • Styling his performance to meet your needs. How much business do you want? How much inspiration do you need?

There are motivational keynote speakers who can inspire you and those who can give content rich programs. But no one can deliver both with equal intensity like Michael Hahn. For fees and availability, email us or call (630) 220-9628.

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Here’s What Some of Michael’s Clients are Saying…

Michael rocked!  We were supposed to have a full 75 minutes for his presentation, but we were squeezed for time. Instead of going over, he seamlessly made the presentation fit. He utilizes humor and personal stories to provide real world advice and best practices that are relevant personally & professionally. Our expectations were exceeded and he is definitely worth the investment…”

– Joey Allen, COO, MPI Oklahoma President

“Sometimes our sessions can be all business, we hired Michael because we wanted to bring some fun & humor back into our All-Staff quarterly meeting. Not only did he help reinforce our strategic objectives, but he took what could have been a tough concept and made it fun! We rely on “Hahn” to help us build even stronger teams….so we can stay focused on growth and executing our strategy!”

– Rich Diaz, President, Advanced Resources

“Wow, special thanks and kudos to Michael Hahn for sharing his passion around culture and employee engagement with us. Everyone loved it. Feedback was: relatable, relevant and very motivational!” 

– Kathy Kruse, Strategic Account Manager, Ultimate Softwares

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