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Hero Habits:  The Guide to Thriving in Corporate America and in Life

By Michael H. Hahn

James Rizzo, a typical over-achiever, is struggling after a recent promotion. Over the course of two
demanding weeks, James experiences the perfect storm of unexpected challenges that threaten his
marriage, career, health, and sanity.

A shocking phone call sets off a series of events including: an ultimatum from his wife, subpar health
results from the doctor and an array of disappointing feedback, where James battles The Storm,
Energy Vampire, and other bad guys before finding out who the true villain was all along…

James’s superhero journey will inspire your own as he discovers the Hero Habits from the true
inspirational stories of everyday heroes: Captain Courageous, Recognition Man, The Professor and
Zen Ninja.

Will James be the winner of this epic adventure?!? Or will his American dream come to a screeching
halt? Join us to learn how you can BE THE HERO!

Michael hits the nail on the head with his seven Hero Habits. A realistic, leadership fable that can help overcome resistance to change… Hero Habits will shift the underlying beliefs of: leaders, managers and employees to create a thriving HERO Culture within your organization.

Marshall Goldsmith, #1 Executive Coach and Best Selling Author

The best and most insightful leadership book since Who Moved My Cheese. Every leader and executive will recognize themselves in this book; and be helped and moved by it! A MUST read!”

Bob Mallo, CEO - SFH LLC & Rotary Club President

A captivating lesson for leaders! Michael issues powerful challenges to anyone struggling with growing pressures, responsibilities and work-life balance, all filtered through a relatable story. Leaders at any level can benefit from the simple truths within.

Eric Schaefges, Vice President, CareerBuilder Employment Screening

I couldn’t put it down! Hero Habits is the definitive guide to successfully navigate our constantly changing work world from the inside out…Hahn’s been using the principles in this book to coach our leaders for years.

Rich Diaz, CEO - Advanced Resources LLC