Michael Hahn is an internationally known expert on culture, leadership and teams, and author of Hero Habits: The Guide to Thriving in Corporate America and in Life.

MICHAEL H. HAHN is an outstanding authority and international speaker on organizational culture, employee engagement and personal behavior change. He brings high energy, intense passion and humorous style to inspire audiences to reclaim their time, energy and motivation to embrace their inner hero. He speaks to audiences all over North America in Senior Leadership positions, Sales and Human Resources professionals at conferences, sales kickoffs, associations and corporate events.

Hahn is an in-demand speaker for conferences and companies around the country. He was an MPI Proprietary Content Speaker from 2012-2013 and spoke at 18 locations around North America. His strategic use of culture to achieve business results and engaging employees to create a grassroots movement has created a massive impact at Allstate insurance and several Chicago based high growth organizations. Michael has developed the Culture Change Handbook and ACES model and his articles have been featured in publications across organizations. In 2015, he won the Public Relations Society of American Award for Brand Management and Reputation for his work with Allstate Insurance. He specializes in executive coaching, leadership team alignment and culture transformation consulting.

Michael is Internationally certified and holds a dual M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship & Leadership and Change Management from DePaul University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from NIU. He has 20+ years of corporate experience in Finance, Strategy, Business Development, HR and Corporate Relations. From his first decade with McDonalds in Finance to the last few years leading a Culture Movement at Allstate Insurance, he knows what success looks like from every seat in the house!

Michael Hahn is the CEO & Culture Guru of Beyond Good Teams and author of Hero Habits: The Guide to Thriving in Corporate America and in Life.

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