Hero Habits Coaching

“Bring out the HERO in your people…”

Want your leaders to:

  • Be more accountable and bring out the BEST in their people
  • Avoid the typical frustrations and mis-communications of leadership
  • Take ownership to create a Culture that DRIVES business results

Hero Habits coaching enables good managers to become great leaders!

During this six month coaching program, leaders will learn and practice the most effective strategies to expand their feedback, delegation and accountability. They will work in partnership with a certified Hero Habits coach to leverage their natural leadership style and develop the skills required to succeed in today’s changing business climate.

Over our six months of working together, I found myself owning my responsibilities with greater ease, making time to get my projects done, while balancing the needs of my staff. I began to delegate in a smart and accountable way and saw great improvement in the production of my teams. Through our sessions, we would tackle office challenges, strategize on how best to communicate a change with a large group and prepare for an upcoming meeting.

Eric S., VP Operations

Most companies hire us because:

  • They are experiencing significant change
  • They want to enable their leaders to achieve and exceed their goals
  • They want to speed their learning curve and learn from an experienced and proven partner

“I needed to dial-up my assertiveness when communicating with our President to ensure a sense of confidence and control over the situation…Previously, I had avoided or delayed the tough messages creating friction between us and a lack of confidence in my abilities. Working with Michael has allowed me to talk through situations, evaluate alternatives and keep me honest by setting deadlines and holding me accountable. Coaching has helped me step beyond my comfort zone to be more assertive and I’m much more confident as a result!”

Jeff Hovland , Director


Packages range in price from $99 one-time coaching session to a customized monthly coaching package

Hero Habits Coaching package includes:

  • Personalized Self-Development Report
  • Customized “Getting Focused” session to identify three coaching objectives
  • Exclusive access to “Diving Deeper” leadership video snippets

Packages start at $125 / month


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