VampireteethYou know that annoying coworker who is upset at everything and everyone?

They feed on DRAMA and they find the NEGATIVE in EVERY situation!

       “Can you believe the weather? Uhhhhh, it’s so COLD… I hate the cold weather…”

      “Well, Laurie, you have to look at the bright side… It could be WORSE!”

      “NOTHING could be worse than THIS…”

Katie thought to herself…

      “You are RIGHT, NOTHING could be worse than WORKING with you everyday…”

NO matter what you say to these people, they can always find the BAD. They point out the faults of others and cannot see their own reflection in the mirror!

No matter what you are facing in your life it is NOTHING compared to what they are facing. You almost got into an accident on the way into work and they say…

      “That’s nothing, a drunk school bus driver ran me off the road this morning on the way to work. He was texting and didn’t even look before he changed lanes…!”

Their stories have to be made up… How can they exaggerate or lie like that?  You can just TRY and ignore them, but they are STEALING your bandwidth!

You are positive and optimistic, but they are wearing on you. You think about them too much and they start to rub off on you too. You become IRRITABLE quicker and they FRUSTRATE you more and more each day.

You might even be thinking of strategies to AVOID them and EXCUSES to get out of the downward spiral conversations they DRAG you into.

Let’s call these folks ENERGY VAMPIRES…

They SUCK your energy and DRAIN your positivity…

If you let them wear on you too long, they could convert you to the DARKSIDE…

What have you done to stay among the LIVING?

What is your BEST suggestion for DEALING with these ENERGY VAMPIRES?


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