The Professor vs. Dr Doubtful

 We each have a natural style that aligns with a hero and villain spectrum.

 The Professor and Dr Doubtful

When things are going good, we are happy, healthy, our life is in order. This is when our hero can thrive. The Professor is exacting, introspective and seeks to mitigate risk. He is focused on the task and the process and wants to maintain his credibility by being precise, organized and systematic. He represents the Blue hero!

If too much unpredictability, stress and constant interaction overwhelm you, the villain can take control. Dr Doubtful overuses your strengths to the point of weakness and lacks awareness to how he shows up to others. He is so focused on the task and process, that he forgets about people. He is an introverted thinker who can be cold, calculating and reserved.

Both The Professor and Dr Doubtful are analytical observers who crave personal security, but while Dr Doubtful is quick to find faults and cast blame, The Professor leverages his curiosity to ensure the best decisions are made and an environment of respect is maintained… The Professor respects history and tradition!

The Professor is Cautious, Curious, Deliberate, Precise and Traditional

Decision-Making: Analytical        Communication: Calculating and/or Reserved

Leadership: Organizer and/or Observer    Best Environment: Respected and Secure

NEW The Professor vs Dr. Doubtful

Dr Doubtful is Stuffy, Indecisive, Suspicious, Cold, Reserved

Under Pressure: Fault Finder with Analysis Paralysis        Pet Peeves: Mistakes and Speaking before Thinking

Worst Environment: Instability and Lack of Structure



The Professor seeks security and knows reflection is at the heart of quality decisions. Consult the Owl is his mantra. He knows when you take time to reflect on a decision and choose your words wisely, good things happen. You allow the inner villain to pause, so your inner hero can swoop in to save your reputation and stop you from regretting your words or decisions.

Preparation is key to resolve problems quickly and to communicate effectively. Strong suggestions and solutions arise from a well thought out plan. With so many distractions, we must intentionally carve out time to reflect on the decisions we need to make and on the impact of the ones we have previously made. Success doesn’t happen by accident!

Big decisions create a ripple effect. Some of the ripple can be good and intentional and others can cause unintended consequences. Good intentions can end up delivering poor results and if we don’t take the time to reflect, we could end up making the same decision again and again.

Embracing failure is great, but making the same mistake twice is a fatal flaw…

Hero Tip:

The perfect environment for one hero creates the exact opposite environment for another hero. The Professor is an Introverted Thinker who can sometimes be perceived as Dr Doubtful by Recognition Man. While The Professor thrives in a structured and more introspective environment, Recognition Man thrives in an autonomous and interactive environment.

 …but when they leverage each others strengths, they make a #DynamicDuo!

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