Captain Courageous vs. The Storm

We each have a natural style that aligns with a hero and villain spectrum.

Captain Courageous vs. The Storm


When things are going well, we are happy, healthy, our life is in order. This is when our hero can thrive. Captain Courageous is controlling, driven by results and typically has a sense of urgency to get them fast. He represents the red hero.


If too much stress, indecision and slow-down’s overwhelm you, the villain can take control. The Storm overuses your strengths to the point of weakness and lacks awareness to how he shows up to others. He is so focused on the task, that he forgets about the people. He is an extroverted thinker who hates to wait and has the tact of a bull in the china shop.


Both Captain Courageous and The Storm are action oriented and love a challenge, but while The Storm leaves dead bodies in his wake, Captain Courageous makes sure that people are respected and relationships are strengthened along the way… Captain Courageous is tough and fair!


Captain Courageous is Assertive, Achieving, Competitive and Direct

Decision-Making: Assertive and/or Quick        Communication: To-the-point (fast talking) with few words

Leadership: Confident and Action Oriented     Best Environment: Challenge with Variety Captain Courageous vs The Storm

The Storm is Aggressive, Controlling, Determined and Overbearing

Under Pressure: Commanding and/or Abrupt         Pet Peeves: Incompetence and/or Waiting

Worst Environment: Indecision & Slow-Downs

Hero Habit: BE ALL-IN…

Captain Courageous seeks out challenges in his quest to achieve results. Being “ALL-IN” is his mantra. It’s what he wants for himself and what he wants from you. Ready. Fire, Aim is how he embraces the world.

Excuses and don’t exist when you are ALL-IN! You don’t have time for the villainous vices that distract mere mortals. You take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for your actions and are 100% ACCOUNTABLE for your results, regardless of the circumstances. Being ALL-IN is about COMMITMENT and doing whatever it takes to overcome obstacles, complete the task and achieve the goal.

Hero Tip:

The perfect environment for one hero creates the exact opposite environment for his opposite hero. Captain Courageous is an Extroverted Thinker who can sometimes be perceived as the villain Storm by Zen Ninja. While Captain Courageous thrives in a fast paced and challenging environment, Zen Ninja thrives in a slower, more harmonious environment.


…but when they leverage each others strengths, they make a #DynamicDuo!

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