Recognition Man vs. Energy Vampire

We each have a natural style that aligns with a hero and villain spectrum.

 Recognition Man and Energy Vampire


When things are going well, we are happy, healthy, our life is in order. This is when the hero can thrive. Recognition Man is outgoing, persuasive and big picture oriented. He talks to think and loves being around others who boost his energy. He represents the yellow hero.

If too much isolation and too many details overwhelm you, the villain can take control. Energy Vampire overuses your strengths to the point of weakness and lacks awareness to how he shows up to others. He is so focused on people and the relationship, that he forgets about the task/objective. He is an extroverted feeler who has the tact of a sarcastic chihuahua.

Both Recognition Man and Energy Vampire are outgoing and enthusiastic, but while Energy Vampire makes people smile when he leaves the room, while Recognition Man lights up the room when he walks in…Recognition Man is a cheerleader and a master motivator!

Recognition Man is Sociable, Dynamic, Enthusiastic and Persuasive

Decision-Making: Convincing and High Level       Communication: Persuasive and Informal

Leadership: Inspirational, Delegator and Team Player    Best Environment: Autonomous and Friendly

NEW Recognition Man vs Energy Vampira

Energy Vampire is Excitable, Frantic, Indiscreet, Flamboyant and Hasty

Under Pressure: Sarcastic and disregards details       Pet Peeves: Perfectionists and Non-Communication

Worst Environment: Isolation, Rejection and Bureaucracy

Hero Habit: BE HERE…

Recognition Man seeks to inspire others, invest in others and leave a legacy. Being HERE is his mantra. It’s what he wants from himself and what he wants from you. He knows presence is powerful and distraction can be draining.

When you are PRESENT, you make better choices based on the full picture and all of the details currently available. When you are distracted, you miss obvious opportunities and can make bad choices, your inner villain THRIVES when you allow yourself to be distracted on your phone, during a meeting or trying to multitask during a crucial moment for your team. When you miss vital information, you allow the villain to say react, blame others for your bad decision and implode the team.

Attitude, like a smile is contagious. If you smile others will smile too. If you frown or grumble, others will avoid you at all costs. Be the Hero! BE HERE!!!

Hero Tip:

The perfect environment for one hero creates the exact opposite environment for his opposite hero. Recognition Man is an Extroverted Feeler who can sometimes be perceived as Energy Vampire by The Professor. While Recognition Man thrives in an autonomous and friendly environment, The Professor thrives in a structured and more introspective environment.

…but when they leverage each others strengths, they make a #DynamicDuo!


Michael is a Motivational Speaker, Culture Guru and Team Coach who leverages leadership stories from World Record Skydivers, World Champion Martial Artists and the Best of the Best Corporate leaders to highlight leadership principles across boundaries…

This is an excerpt from his book, HERO HABITS: The Guide to Surviving THRIVING in Corporate America and in Life

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