How we see life (our perspective) is driven from a series of beliefs that we acquired over time. Those beliefs drive our behavior/actions and thus provide the results (current reality) we see around us right now…

When I was a young boy, I remember throwing rocks into the creek behind my grandparents house. After tossing a particularly rounded and cream-swirled stone into the creek, huge ripples began to emanate from its impact.

In that moment, my Uncle Carl slid down the dusty bank and shared with me Newton’s 3rd law of motion. (In his own words…)

“For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction.…”

“Michael, life is a CHOICE…..You can CHOOSE to see each interaction at home, school, work and everywhere else as an opportunity to create a ripple effect just like that one….”

He pointed to the ripples that were now lapping up on both sides the shore.

EVERYTHING you do matters and will impact others as a result… You must think about the IMPACT you have on others… you must think about the RIPPLE…”

35 years later his words still impact my thinking and my actions…

Much of the 90% of the work I do each day is behind the scenes and not visible to others.  Can you relate?

BELIEVE that my work has an impact, but I also know there is an easy way out in many cases where I could choose to ‘Do the Minimum’.

When I choose or default into “Do the Minimum” activities, I might never understand the impact of my attitude and lack of effort on others….

But, when I take INSPIRED action, I’m sometimes rewarded with FEEDBACKof how my efforts landed from someone else’s perspective.  They tell me about the“Ripple Effect” my actions created.

Some have experienced it firsthand and some have heard it from others, either way, I’m filled with energy, pride and confidence to DO and BE more after receiving it…

I have created my own law and belief. I call it “The Law of 5%”

The Law of 5%” states that of all the good you create in the world you will be fortunate to hear of 5% of the impact it creates.

So when I do hear about one story or get feedback from something I have done, I multiply that by 20x to know the true impact of the work and effort I have invested.

Is it true? I will never know, but it makes me feel good to think with an INVESTMENT mindset and to take those INSPIRED actions…

When I hear feedback about another person, I feel it’s my obligation to take “The Law of 5%” a step further by closing the loop and providing that feedback to the deserving person to validate their extra efforts. I consider it my PURPOSE to share “The Ripple Effect” The Ripple Effectfeedback to the initiator of the Ripple.

My superhero name is the “The Ripple” (I know I’m a geek…)

This week I was sharing the FEEDBACK I heard from someone else about a RIPPLE EFFECT Leonard created, so I had to share it with him!

The coolest thing happened….and he blessed me in return by telling me how he has been sharing the “Law of 5%” at his church…

I do it ALL for the RIPPLE, the GOODNESS it creates and the FEELING I get by doing my part in delivering the “Law of 5%”

Thank you to my Uncle Carl (Rest in Peace) and to the Uncle Carl in each of us…

Question:  Do you think you hear the impact of your work more/less than 5%?

(Comment “MORE” or “LESS” below)

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