From Resistant to Resilient…

Compressed timelines, business pressures and stress can destroy trust and rip a team apart.

The secret to having a resilient team is to highlight what IS working before focusing on what’s NOT working. Great teams pause to celebrate successes, they appreciate the actions of others on the team and focus on what’s working before focusing on what’s not working.

It seems obvious, but the villainous voice in our head pushes us into when/then thinking… When we cross the goal line, then we can celebrate, but the reality is that the more you drive down the field, the further the goal line shifts into the distance. It’s completely normal, but it’s not sustainable. If you want a sustainable successful team, you need to Choose Happiness and highlight the actions people are doing that highlight ownership, responsibility and being ALL IN.

I’ve found the more you raise expectations on someone or a team, the less appreciation they get. The less appreciated they feel, the more resistant they become and the less energy they have to sustain the pace. Contrarily, when their pace slows, they begin to receive negative feedback and they’ll start losing focus on the goal, they’ll begin making excuses or creating drama and shifting blame and thus begins the downward spiral.

The Solution:
Take the time to pause and appreciate your team. Look into the rear view mirror and celebrate what is working…

Teams that are merely surviving tolerate each other.
THRIVING teams appreciate and value the diversity of each team member.

Do you have a good team, but know they are capable of more?
Do you want a partner to help you shift from surviving to THRIVING?

Let’s discuss how to make this a reality for your team or organization!


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Michael Hahn is a leadership speaker, mindset coach and culture transformation expert who consults with leaders who wan to unleash their inner hero! He is the author of Hero Habits: The Guide to Thriving in Corporate America and in Life.
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