Hitting Bottom or Hitting Reset

Stress is killing us… We’re addicted to our phones and in our spare moments we can be found needlessly grabbing for it. We’re addicted to that surge of adrenaline or dopamine! Combine that with the constant demands on us from our work, family, parents, children, friends, communities and we could find ourselves with our willpower depleted and our finger pointed at everyone else for what is NOT working…

I found myself on the downward slide and I needed to do something about it. As the old GI Joe television series concluded each show, “Knowing is only half the battle…”

I knew I needed a digital detox, some physical exercise and special time with myself and my 6 year old son, Madden. My special place is in the boundary waters, (Ely, MN) where you don’t have cell signal and it’s you and nature and whatever you can carry in your canoe and on your back.

Madden and I fished for our food and talked about what he was scared of and whatever else entered his mind. We only brought two dinners for a three night trip, so we needed to catch fish. Thank God we were successful! After we filled our bellies and cleaned up from dinner, we watched the day turn to night and a whole new host of animals introduced themselves: toads, crayfish and owls. I watched Madden growing up right before my eyes…and it was priceless!

I stared into the fire and deep into the hot coals and felt as if my stress burned up in the fire that night. I felt like I reset my baseline and it wasn’t a soft reset, it was a hard reset. I knew I needed to make some changes to my habits or I was going to be right back heading toward another bottom and needing another reset. I needed to make sustainable changes…

See, I’m like you… I take on too much and then when it appears I can’t do it all, I push harder. Then when I push past my threshold, I become someone else and my inner villain voice starts to say and do things that push away all the people I love most…

Our inner villain wants us to believe that we can reduce our stress by binge watching Netflix or many other activities, but true reset comes from exercise, investing in relationships and investing in ourselves…

What is your hard reset?

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Michael Hahn is a leadership speaker, mindset coach and culture transformation expert who consults with leaders who wan to unleash their inner hero! He is the author of Hero Habits: The Guide to Thriving in Corporate America and in Life.
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