An employee walks into his manager’s office and says, “Hey Boss, there is a dead fish on my desk”.

The leader lifts his head and slowly waves his hand and says, “Yeah, I know, just work around it for now…” and goes about his work.

The employee goes back to his desk and continues working until the dead fish slime is oozing onto his work and the smell is burning his nostrils before he heads back into his bosses office.

“Hey boss… can you do something about the dead fish on my desk? It’s tough to get my work done and it’s giving me a headache…”

His boss slams down his phone and says, “Can’t you ever be happy? I gave you a window desk, increased your vacation time and gave you a raise! What more could you want…”

The employee scrunched his brow, scratched his head and slowly walked out the door.

Upon arriving at his desk, his fellow employees popped their heads up and asked,

“So what did he say…?”

Comment below with what you think he told them. (The translated message…)

Moral of the story:

Your job as a leader is to eliminate the barriers to getting the job done. If you are ignoring the barriers of your people, you are the barrier…. Hahndo



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